Join your 101 peers at beSwarm!

The Springtime un-conference in Charlottesville, VA

Saturday Apr 27, 9:30am-4pm
@ OpenSource Connections

What is beSwarm?

An Unconference Movement

beCamp and its springtime counterpart, beSwarm, is a Charlottesville tech conference series planned by the people who show up. Where beCamp is a Friday/Saturday event in the fall, beSwarm is a Saturday-only event in the spring.  When you attend a conference, the conversations in the hallway are often as great as the talks on the schedule. beSwarm focuses entirely on that. Think of the event like one big hallway, with friendly people, warm introductions, and lightning talks to spur conversations. You can learn more about the Unconference movement here.

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An event for everyone

beCamp and beSwarm are for everyone! While the events leans towards technology, there are always a number of interesting topics that come up outside of the realm of software. In the past we've learned why "magenta" isn't a real color, how to make the best bread possible, and even how to pick locks (ahem, as a sport). Come spend the day with your peers and learn something new!

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Need a quick overview?

Why should I attend beSwarm?

beSwarm is an opportunity to connect with your peers from the Charlottesville community and spend a day learning new things from one another. We promise there's nothing else quite like it! 

Plus, thanks to our awesome sponsors you'll get...

Free Food

Free Food

Free Drinks

Free Drinks

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At beSwarm, we are committed to a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment.
We have a code of conduct and will accommodate any preference or need.

Save the Date!

Register above for beSwarm on Saturday, April 27, and mark your calendar for beCamp 2019 in the fall: Friday, September 27, and Saturday, September 28.

Plus, you'll get to meet these other awesome attendees.

Adam Healey Adam Healey
Al Tenhundfeld Al Tenhundfeld
Andrew Boyd Andrew Boyd
Andrew Montalenti Andrew Montalenti
Angela Settimo Angela Settimo
Ben Blohowiak Ben Blohowiak
Blaine Anderson Blaine Anderson
Brandon Risell Brandon Risell
Brent Baumgartner Brent Baumgartner
Brian Richards Brian Richards
Caleb Smith Caleb Smith
Chris Collins Chris Collins
Chris Pearson Chris Pearson
Christian Hall Christian Hall
Ckalib Nelson Ckalib Nelson
Daniel Hines Daniel Hines
Dave Lewis Dave Lewis
David Durovy David Durovy
David Parsley David Parsley
Deb Kamienski Deb Kamienski
Doug Ramirez Doug Ramirez
Drew Lytle Drew Lytle
Dustin Smith Dustin Smith
Dylan Sheffer Dylan Sheffer
Eli Klein Eli Klein
Elise Kain Elise Kain
Emily Patterson Emily Patterson
Erin Braswell Erin Braswell
Geir Anderson Geir Anderson
George Turner George Turner
Isaac Truett Isaac Truett
Jessica Otey Jessica Otey
Jimmy Li Jimmy Li
Jonathan Gomez Jonathan Gomez
Josh Laseter Josh Laseter
Joshua Obernesser Joshua Obernesser
Kelsey Couzzo Kelsey Couzzo
Liz Heinberg Liz Heinberg
Marynn Dause Marynn Dause
Matthew Derby Matthew Derby
Michael Holroyd Michael Holroyd
Michael Montgomery Michael Montgomery
Mike Thorne Mike Thorne
Mitchell Gillin Mitchell Gillin
Molly Braswell Molly Braswell
Noah Healy Noah Healy
Patrick Kingsley Patrick Kingsley
Peter Malcolm Peter Malcolm
Rachel House Rachel House
Robert Mac Kay Robert Mac Kay
Robert Marmorstein Robert Marmorstein
Robin Macklin Robin Macklin
Ron DuPlain Ron DuPlain
Ryan McNeely Ryan McNeely
Shayna Diamond Shayna Diamond
Sherry Martin Sherry Martin
Sidney Atwell Sidney Atwell
Stephen Levin Stephen Levin
Thomas Bain Thomas Bain
Thomas Steffs Thomas Steffs
Tim Emerick Tim Emerick
Vital Boisset Vital Boisset
Zach Anglin Zach Anglin
Zander Luke Zander Luke

beSwarm wouldn't be possible without our awesome sponsors!

The following generous sponsors (presented alphabetically) support the local Charlottesville tech community and help make beSwarm reality.