Join your 130 peers at beCamp!

The September un-conference in Charlottesville, VA

September 27 - 28, 2019 | Venue: PVCC

What is beCamp?

An Unconference Movement

beCamp is a Charlottesville tech conference planned by the people who show up. On the evening prior to the conference, attendees socialize over food and drink, nominate topics they would like to present on or see discussed during the conference, and then cast their votes. You don't need to be an expert in a subject to suggest it for discussion! After topics have been voted on, volunteers (this could be you) dive in and arrange Saturday's schedule. The schedule will be posted here so that you'll be able to choose your own path through the day. You can learn more about the Unconference movement here.

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An event for everyone

beCamp is for everyone! While the overall event focus leans towards technology, there are always a number of interesting topics that come up outside of the realm of computer science. In the past we've learned why "magenta" isn't a real color, how to make the best bread possible, and even how to pick locks. Come spend the day with your peers and learn something new!

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Need a quick overview?

Why should I attend beCamp?

beCamp is your opportunity to connect with your peers from the Charlottesville community and spend a day learning new things from one another. We promise there's nothing else quite like it! 

Plus, thanks to our awesome sponsors you'll get...

Free Food & Drink

Free Food & Drink

A Free T-Shirt

A Free T-Shirt

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At beCamp, we are committed to a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment.
We have a code of conduct and will accommodate any preference or need.

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