Attendee Directory

The who's who of beCamp 2022.

There's room for everyone.

These are some of the interesting people you'll bump into at beCamp.

Al Tenhundfeld Al Tenhundfeld
Andrew Boyd Andrew Boyd
Andrew Oxford Andrew Oxford
Ari Oxford Ari Oxford
Austin Brown Austin Brown
Austin Schaffer Austin Schaffer
Ben Blohowiak Ben Blohowiak
Ben Lechlitner Ben Lechlitner
Blaze Zierhut Blaze Zierhut
Brian Young Brian Young
Cameron Sumpter Cameron Sumpter
Chris Collins Chris Collins
Cushing Whitney Cushing Whitney
Daniel Beach Daniel Beach
Dave Sorensen Dave Sorensen
David Oxford David Oxford
David VanDerveer David VanDerveer
Dominique Cocuzza Dominique Cocuzza
Doug Turnbull Doug Turnbull
Dylan Sheffer Dylan Sheffer
Emily Patterson Emily Patterson
Eric Pugh Eric Pugh
Geir Anderson Geir Anderson
Hadrien Padilla Hadrien Padilla
Harper Trow Harper Trow
Harry Dubke Harry Dubke
Isaac Truett Isaac Truett
James Weissman James Weissman
Jeremy Sechler Jeremy Sechler
Jessica Otey Jessica Otey
Jim Bain Jim Bain
John Farrier John Farrier
John Feminella John Feminella
John Pickard John Pickard
Jonathan Kropko Jonathan Kropko
Josh Carp Josh Carp
Kangyoon Bae Kangyoon Bae
Kerry Guerrero Kerry Guerrero
Liz Heinberg Liz Heinberg
Noah Bloom Noah Bloom
Noah Healy Noah Healy
Owen Zanzal Owen Zanzal
Parker Neff Parker Neff
Peter Malcolm Peter Malcolm
Philip Schrodt Philip Schrodt
Rachel House Rachel House
Robert Marmorstein Robert Marmorstein
Robin Macklin Robin Macklin
Rooney Lee Rooney Lee
Rumit Patel Rumit Patel
Sage Williams Sage Williams
Sarah Southall Sarah Southall
Todd Gerdy Todd Gerdy
Tom Schroeder Tom Schroeder
Vital Boisset Vital Boisset
Zikki Munyao Zikki Munyao